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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Solution Challenge

    This is truly the only way to see if you are Spiritually, Mentally, and Physically mature, or just a child and part of the problem. There are reasons that Politicians were never suppose to be in Government, and it was suppose to be people like you. There are reasons there are so much problems in the world today, and it is because Humanity is at fault.

    Let us first take some Universal Knowledge that should be frigging obvious, yet no one seems to use logic. Humanity continues to act like misguided children constantly dividing themselves. So let us take reality.

        Humanity divides themselves into groups of lies. None of their arguments or beliefs are true, but they still foolishly allow themselves to be divided into groups. The reason the Founding Fathers said, “ United We Stand, Divided We Fall.” Was to get you to use your brains WE ARE ALL ONE AND NO ONE IS BETTER THAN ANY ONE ELSE!!!. Now the problems that we are all having are your fault. You continue to divide into Race groups, Political False identity groups, Religion false belief groups, and Sexism gender groups. So now my favorite part  is to show you with facts how foolish you all are and try to get you to learn something so you grow up a little, if you even have a soul connected to source.  All reference links will be after the video at the end of the article. The number corresponding to the information will correspond to the reference link at the end.


There are so many people that have frontal Lobe brain damage, and seem to not logically research, or are unable to research for themselves what evidence holds to their church teachings. The simple fact that the man they talk about in their teachings they always call him JESUS. We know from historical evidence that in the Hebrew Alphabet the letter “J” did not exist [1] Without facts and evidence you only sound like a person that has no intelligence. It is far better to be quiet if you are not intelligent, for if you choose to open your mouth the entire world will know you are not intelligent.

Another factor of Religions being a major factor in division is the Dopamine effect. We all have Dopamine that is introduced into our brains when we are doing pleasurable things. There is positive dopamine that is introduced when a person laughs, which causes a positive spiritual reaction to that person. A bad way is the fact that dopamine can be negative and have a serious influence on religious fanatics causing violence. This is a very small percentage of the entire planet, but their effect can be major. [2]

    What Religions do not tell you is the fact that GOD is energy. EVERYONE ON THIS PLANET HAS SEEN THAT SOURCE. The source is the blue glow that surrounds our planet. If that energy was not present there could be no life on EARTH. This is why we are all connected to each other, to the planet itself, and to nature. Understand this, Plants all breathe in Carbon Dioxide and breathe out Oxygen. We breathe in Oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. We support nature as much as nature supports us. Also we are connected to all life including animals. In the year 1992, when the Los Angeles Riots occurred, whales were constantly beaching themselves. This was because of our humanity being so disconnected from source and acting like spoiled children. The whales follow the Earth's magnetics to migrate. In this case they followed those same magnetics to land where in their minds should have been water. We as a species were messing up their natural G.P.S.

The creator is WOMAN. It is the Woman that creates Life with a Man, Not to be confused with the immature Female and male. The Woman created life that is why she is the one that must be respected. You should know her needs in the bedroom come first. You should also know she is not a piece of property, the woman decides if she wants to share her life. You are suppose to be PARTNERS in LIFE not an owned piece of furniture.

This is the very reason why Hollywood degrades women to the point of just making them look like sex objects. This is also the very reason that Religions make a woman to be inferior. Now you know the basics we will get to some more facts on a woman later when we discuss the sexism division.


When it comes to dividing yourself into a political party, that should truly show you how insane you truly are. Do you really think that your party will make a difference. Not according to logic.
No matter which candidate, from either party, is elected the people suffer because they have not done their research on the actual person. We Know Barry Sorentino, Barrack Obama, Killed his own Nanny to prevent his actual birth certificate from being exposed. No matter what you think those are researchable, evidence, that should have been discovered long before.

If you look around you can truly see NOTHING gets better when there are Psychotic Idiots governing over you. No elected official will ever make it better. There are conspiracies, but you have to ask the one question only a real man or woman would ask, WHY?

These Morons go to the same schools, belong to the same cults, are members of the same fraternities, and are arrogant, pompous ass holes that do not give any shit about you or your freedoms. They only want their agendas to bring in more money, which we all know money has no real value. They are so able to deceive you because you lack the ability to have the “Lone Wolf” Mentality and do your own research, and use your own intellect. The majority only go by a group mentality led by emotion and do not use one ounce of their brains. These are facts.

In the case of the Vegas Shooting, Evidence from Mobile phone video shot straight from a taxi cab shows POINT BLANK that the flash of gun fire came from the 12th floor and a lower floor, as well as inside the crowd. This if you have any brains know this is a military tactic always used to confuse the enemy. So why are not the “FAKE NEWS” outlets showing it? It is not false Cameras on phones NEVER LIE! People Lie.[3]

Nothing changes because You were suppose to take personal, self responsibility and grow up and govern yourselves. Have you become so disconnected from source, that you are all weak now? As long as you continue to make the same mistakes you will destroy the entire human race. STOP HAVING CENTRAL GOVERNMENTS AND START BEING SELF RELIANT!


Those that divide themselves because of Race, are the absolute morons of this planet. Their is only ONE RACE, and it is the HUMAN RACE. News flash for all you morons that separate by race. Do you not realize that if this planet blows up you will all blow up with it? Do you really think your race will survive the vacuum of space? Do you think your race will swim up there to another planet? How moronic are you?

The truth of the matter is we are all different manifestations of the same source. We are all one. When we are born into this world we do not know racism, sexism, division, or hatred. We experience the world through our 5 senses and know only we are one. A newborn baby would reach out to another and touch him or her, not caring about race but knowing oneness. The problem is the lost adults. If a child is not born with hatred, sexism, division, and racism, then why the hell would YOU instill it in them then?


Before I start this section let me say now I have no Anti anything. I am not Anti-Straight, Anti-lesbian, or anti-gay. I am however, anti-Dividing by Gender. This is because it is NOT the Right way. A real Man, and ESPECIALLY A REAL WOMAN know the definition of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Unconditional Love- Love without any conditions, or restrictions. Love NOT separated by Gender.

If you look at either of the groups mentioned, Gay, Straight, or lesbian, You will notice that all have the same problems of drama, arguments, break ups and heart aches. This is because they are spiritually, and mentally immature. LOVE NOT SEPARATED BY GENDER. All will say the exact same thing, they know what they are attracted to. This is because they only use their EYES. If you only believe what you see with your eyes, then you are so easily deceived and will never experience real love ever.

I have proof, Even a Blind person can feel that real love energy in their heart and soul, and yet they cannot see. If you want to have real love you need to feel the true energy and stop dividing by gender, for you never know who has that true energy of love you are missing, because you fail to open your own soul and heart to it. This also says you cannot get any real connection from a picture, you have to have at least a verbal conversation with a person to get a real connection.


Now you see the issue is not guns, it is DNA, and humanity not being self responsible. You are suppose to create your own reality and be responsible to know what you want in your own life and not worry about any one else's love life, or what they want to create. If you want to get rid of the violence which has no place on this planet, then look no farther than the brain damage and D.N.A. No matter what their position, or title, or place on this planet, the D.N.A will be the scientific and real approach to eradicate these Psychopaths from the rest of humanity. Harshest Punishment to all that murder is the answer. In closing I will say this, Why is it alright to put a Pit-bull down for murdering a child because it is an animal, but it is not alright to put a murder down for killing a child that is acting like an animal? As you can see it is YOU that is the problem because you allow this warped D.N.A to harm others instead of making the right decision.


[1] JESUS was not his name Religions LIE

[2] Religious Fanatics have scientifically brain damage to front lobes


Please bring back unconditional LOVE for our human beings

I am writing this down, and please read this all slowly and carefully. Our Country has been infiltrated and we must wake...