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Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Awakening Dream

I use this Blog to tell you of things I have experienced in My dreams, the messages I have decoded through Hours of meditation., but the fact is every single human-being on this planet is sole responsible for his or her own actions. I am not writing this particular blog to make you see things my way like so many morons on this planet. I am, however, writing this blog to give you some food for your mind to see that the universe is so large that maybe you should start to change yourself to be the change you want to see in the world.

I wrote my dream down in a dream journal and to this day I still go back every once in a while and look at the detail, but I always get the same message. I was a little younger, and I like so many brain washed people thought money had value. Even though this was the first dream it was probably for me the most important one. This dream I am about to share with you led me on the deep dark rabbit holes that I as an armature hacker would go only so far. I studied, and sorted out every possible avenue, and I, one day knew the dream was telling me something, and this changed me, or at least started me on my path.

By now we all know that the U.S Dollar has no real value, there has been no gold in Fort Knox since 1933. So why do our females sell their bodies for worthless paper? Why do these brain washed masses kill over worthless paper? To me, from that day it was mere insanity.

I will now leave you with my dream. Every detail, every point, then you will have to figure it out for yourself. If you cannot, then no matter how much I would love to help you, I can not. There is no help for you. The only true help comes from your own soul, from your own mind and heart.

The dream

I am walking through a sandy desert, when I get to a break in the wind I notice this is my old house in Alhambra, California where I used to live as a boy. Sitting in the traditional meditation form there were several people, which reminded me of a congregation. In front of each of them, there was plastic, sea shells, glass, as well as many other items all painted to look like dollars. One person handed me a sea shell with the 100 dollar bill painted on it. I turned to him and handed it back and said, “ I don't want that, that is fake.” From the stairs that was in the back yard that led up to the house a tall figure approached me. I could not see his face, but he gave me a piece of paper, and patted me on my back. I opened the paper and I could read the message very clearly it read, YOU ARE EXHONERATED!

 I woke up and for the first time I truly had something I was missing for 41 years of my life, CLARITY.

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