Wednesday, August 30, 2017


What is strange about the blood type RH Negative? And is there a secret eugenics program?
Why are TPTB Tracking People with Rh-negative Blood so Closely?

it has been right in front of our faces the Whole time! RH Negative blood types came from........and they Brought the Tree of Life with them!

Sunday, August 20, 2017


I have to do this because of a situation running a little personal. First what is a real Woman?
That answer is simple a real woman knows the meaning of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Meaning Love has no conditions and No restrictions. Love is not separated by Gender. It is the woman that decides if she wants to share her life with you or not and that is the facts. First a Woman is not a possession or trophy. If you think of a woman as your property you do not know love, it is the material.

A woman is confident in herself, she does not need a partner, it must be the energy she feels to even give you the opportunity.

Likewise a Man is confident in himself, and does not need some one to complete him. That saying never made any sense to me. How, and for what reason would you be incomplete. Are you saying your only half of a person? Sharing a life means you do not control, end, or even hinder each other, and you should want to be together when you can. Why is the simplest things so hard to grasp?

I am telling you this because I am about to share a story. Yes this is happening, but it is happening to a relative, that we are unable to show facts to.

This one individual is a drummer, and our relative had a house that was bought and built from the ground up. When this person's husband died this drummer had convinced her to move. She sold the house and he was never with her when she was struggling to find another one, but just recently returned due to the fact she had a house. Our relative has paid all his plane tickets, suits, and whatever he needed, but never once offered anything to help. To this day, she is 70 years old and must travel from Nevada to Los Angeles, CA to work in a hospital because he has gotten her in so much debt. We cannot say anything because we incur the wrath, I am not into wrath.

I know I am going to make some mad but hear me. I do not care if the woman is BI- she is the one that decides, second a man would not just use a 70 year old woman. If you do not know what love is, it is an energy felt. Love is an action, not just a word, and Love is automatic Not work.

I do not know what to do, but I know that for each female that allows herself to get used, the world is robbed of a woman that might have been. Unfortunately, only 1% of the entire female population are real women, as well as only 1% of the entire male population are real men.

Even though this is out of my hands, I hope that my relative's mistake will not be repeated. Look into the person, not just their ego and false charm. It is a proven fact that a male will never allow a woman to meet him, you only meet their representative, because they know if you knew who they really were you would have no interest. Second instead of looking at the fact that there is so much more to a woman, they are only trying to get down their pants.

I know ill never get the answer to help my relative, but Maybe her pain can be avoided in the future.

So inside your soul, Which are you?

Friday, August 18, 2017

Curiosity Can stimulate spiritual and mental growth, But always with a lesson.

I am telling you this story because, the world today is full of Hate, violence, negativity, and we as humans cannot support that, or even feed into it. This story takes place when I was enlisted in the United States Coast Guard. By the way if I can laugh at myself feel free to. Laughter introduces Positive endorphins. We need those.

I was an Engineer aboard a Hamilton Class Coast Guard Cutter. In order to understand how the systems work on the ship, we as engineers had to draw out the system. I was tracing the fire main system, which in the event of a fire would activate, and hopefully put it out. I was tracing the system out and drawing it onto paper, when I followed the pipes to the main hallway that led to the Mess-deck, where we ate our meals. Right smack in the center of the piping, was a small valve. It looked out of place.

I asked the Master-Chief, “What does this valve do?” He shrugged and said, “ I don't know look at the schematics in the office.” I went down to the office and pulled the schematics, however, the valve was not there. No one knew why it was there.

For weeks I have tried to get the answer why that valve was there, after all if I am to be able to do my job I need to know how the entire system works. No one in engineering knew.

Finally after six weeks at sea, I have had enough. It was driving me crazy I need to know. While we were all standing in line to get our meal, I reached up and opened the valve. A large stream of water came rushing out of the pipes and completely drenching the entire crew. I was not wet though. It was at this time I realized, Dam this was the manual activation valve. I quickly closed the valve.

After I closed the valve, the only noise you could hear besides the water dripping, was the loud laughter coming from only the females in the unit. There was no male laughter. Actually, it was at that moment I felt the mass of male eyes all on me.

These were not the attention eyes a singer or a performer would want. They were not the attention eyes that any speaker would want. These were the eyes of all the males in line looking at me as if they wanted to separate my head from my body, simply because their uniforms were all wet.

I knew I had to think quick,So I slowly pulled my hand from the valve and looked up with confidence and said, “ What? At least we know what this dam valve does now.”

Friday, May 12, 2017

Strange Facts

This is a collection of videos discovered containing strange facts. This site is updated daily Mon-Fri So it is always a good thing to check to see if there are any more videos that will spark your mind. Opening the mind is always good, it prevents the powers that be from hiding truth any longer.


What do you truly know?

There is a lot of scientific evidence and facts that is coming out about those that have the RH- Blood type. The Religious community, The Atheists, The Evolutionists, and the Scientists can not understand or even trace where this comes from. The RH- Blood Type persons do not fit into the Evolution scale.  Open your mind to this.

An Investigation Into True Facts

Eposing the facts that clearly show that David Icke cannot be trusted was necessary for you to figure out that you need to take self responsibility and figure things out. Researching yourself for true enlightenment and understanding is the only path you can take. David Icke is not to be trusted as well as others on the list. If I offended you Look at the picture before watching the video.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Dream Chronicles: A Message misunderstood

The Dream Chronicles Energy is one of the most important messages that I truly understood


What is strange about the blood type RH Negative? And is there a secret eugenics program? Why are TPTB Tracking People with Rh-negativ...