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Friday, August 18, 2017

Curiosity Can stimulate spiritual and mental growth, But always with a lesson.

I am telling you this story because, the world today is full of Hate, violence, negativity, and we as humans cannot support that, or even feed into it. This story takes place when I was enlisted in the United States Coast Guard. By the way if I can laugh at myself feel free to. Laughter introduces Positive endorphins. We need those.

I was an Engineer aboard a Hamilton Class Coast Guard Cutter. In order to understand how the systems work on the ship, we as engineers had to draw out the system. I was tracing the fire main system, which in the event of a fire would activate, and hopefully put it out. I was tracing the system out and drawing it onto paper, when I followed the pipes to the main hallway that led to the Mess-deck, where we ate our meals. Right smack in the center of the piping, was a small valve. It looked out of place.

I asked the Master-Chief, “What does this valve do?” He shrugged and said, “ I don't know look at the schematics in the office.” I went down to the office and pulled the schematics, however, the valve was not there. No one knew why it was there.

For weeks I have tried to get the answer why that valve was there, after all if I am to be able to do my job I need to know how the entire system works. No one in engineering knew.

Finally after six weeks at sea, I have had enough. It was driving me crazy I need to know. While we were all standing in line to get our meal, I reached up and opened the valve. A large stream of water came rushing out of the pipes and completely drenching the entire crew. I was not wet though. It was at this time I realized, Dam this was the manual activation valve. I quickly closed the valve.

After I closed the valve, the only noise you could hear besides the water dripping, was the loud laughter coming from only the females in the unit. There was no male laughter. Actually, it was at that moment I felt the mass of male eyes all on me.

These were not the attention eyes a singer or a performer would want. They were not the attention eyes that any speaker would want. These were the eyes of all the males in line looking at me as if they wanted to separate my head from my body, simply because their uniforms were all wet.

I knew I had to think quick,So I slowly pulled my hand from the valve and looked up with confidence and said, “ What? At least we know what this dam valve does now.”

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