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Friday, May 12, 2017

Strange Facts

This is a collection of videos discovered containing strange facts. This site is updated daily Mon-Fri So it is always a good thing to check to see if there are any more videos that will spark your mind. Opening the mind is always good, it prevents the powers that be from hiding truth any longer.

What do you truly know?

There is a lot of scientific evidence and facts that is coming out about those that have the RH- Blood type. The Religious community, The Atheists, The Evolutionists, and the Scientists can not understand or even trace where this comes from. The RH- Blood Type persons do not fit into the Evolution scale.  Open your mind to this.

An Investigation Into True Facts

Eposing the facts that clearly show that David Icke cannot be trusted was necessary for you to figure out that you need to take self responsibility and figure things out. Researching yourself for true enlightenment and understanding is the only path you can take. David Icke is not to be trusted as well as others on the list. If I offended you Look at the picture before watching the video.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Dream Chronicles: A Message misunderstood

The Dream Chronicles Energy is one of the most important messages that I truly understood

Did You Know?

Did you know that Hollywood sometimes put some truth where the brainwashed would look at it as fantasy? Let us take a look at the movie Freddy V.S Jason. There was an experimental drug known as HYPNOCIL that suppressed dreams. Do you know many Americans take a medication that does that very same thing?


The Dream Chronicles: A Message Misunderstood

This story actually puts things into perspective. If you have certain people that you hang around with, that cannot understand basic knowledge, it may be time to sever the ties. Think of it this way, If you are a rescue swimmer, and the person you are trying to save is struggling, if you do not knock them out they will bring you under the water with them.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

An Unwilling Participant

Did you ever get dragged into a situation by a friend that may have a certain defect with the brain? Did you ever get roped into a situation you really did not want to do? I have a story on just that. It is one where I can not hold back any more and I think you will see that some things just have no real reason why they happen with friends that have no guidence but all drive in the wrong areas of life.


Did my Unique Sarcasm and Wit Protect me from what might have happened?

It is clear that this situation may have ended bad, however, it did not. Using the OUIJA BOARD alone for most seemed to either be tragic or self induced. I on the other hand had something very different happen

The Dream Chronicles: Energy

When I awoke from this dream, it was very self explanatory. Even though I know the figure that was in my dream, please remember it is not the messenger, but it is the message. So many morons miss the point and that is why they fail in life, relationships and everything else.

Enlightened is so great

Mysterious Survival

I am not telling you this story to get an opinion on how this happened, nor am I sharing this to get any theory on how I am still walking...